"Strategy and culture
should have breakfast together."
- Mac McKeown -

We serve to develop a leading strategy and build an agile corporate culture.
We believe that by managing both, our client can reach their most outstanding performance.

About Us

PT Transformasi Manajemen Indonesia was established as a consultant company focused on strategic management and culture development. We believe that performance and culture are two inseparable things. Challenges in implementing strategy often occurred due to the lack of productive work culture. However, many misinterpret that the organizational culture is only about a harmonious relationship between employees and overrides the quality of performance that results in the company’s achievement.

We help companies to align their company culture and performance management to achieve their vision and targets. With a collaborative approach towards clients, we activate management initiatives and engagement to participate in the process of developing, implementing, and evaluating performance and cultural development strategies.

Our performance development strategies approach is based on OKR (Objectives and Key Results) where management, units, and individual actively participate to formulate objective and set the target along with their action plan. We help our clients to become focus, transparent, and align with each other.

In cultural development, we believe that employees with their own personal values that aligned with the company core values, will have a better engagement and become productive on their own. We foster a sense of ownership towards the company by intensively socializing corporate culture to employees.

TMI is present as an answer for organization that desires to make a transformation in managing performance and developing work culture.

IMG About Transformasi Manajemen Indonesia


To be the pioneer in developing Indonesia’s culture and performance management.


Transforming management and corporate culture in Indonesia



Provide talent development programs through creative and substantial training and workshops.

As each company has different colors in their needs to develop their human resources, we will delve together with our clients to know their needs and formulate the most suitable purpose-driven training program.


Working side by side with our client to provide strategy, solution, and action plan to achieve their goals and vision.

As a consultant, we believe that empathy is the key to the best solution. Therefore, we focus on customer relationship and deep understanding of clients’ challenges.


We are here to unlock the dormant capacity of our client’s capabilities to perform at their maximum potentials.

As a coach, we believe that every people have strong potential to grow. Our job is to enlight and encourage our clients to discover and utilize their potential in achieving their vision.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a data analysis of business information to provide historical, current and predictive views of business information.

With a business intelligence, companies can make a better business decision for operation or strategic.